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How to install Netdata monitring tool using ubuntu 16.04

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Netdata is a real-time monitoring tools, Netdata provides machine hardware utilization like CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Load AVG, and more, Netdata is easy to install in machine.

Install dependencies

To install all dependencies for netdata, You need to following commands with root privileges.

sudo -i
apt-get update
apt-get install  git autoconf autogen automake gcc zlib1g-dev make  pkg-config libuv1-dev uuid-dev  -y

Downloading and installation of Netdata

You need to download the netdata sctipt from given git url and executive the by following commands.

cd /tmp
git clone
cd netdata


root@Ansible:/tmp/netdata# ./
  |.-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .  netdata                                     
  |   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   real-time performance monitoring, done right!
  You are about to build and install netdata to your system.
  It will be installed at these locations:
   - the daemon     at /usr/sbin/netdata
   - config files   in /etc/netdata
   - web files      in /usr/share/netdata
   - plugins        in /usr/libexec/netdata
   - cache files    in /var/cache/netdata
   - db files       in /var/lib/netdata
   - log files      in /var/log/netdata
   - pid file       at /var/run/
   - logrotate file at /etc/logrotate.d/netdata

This installer allows you to change the installation path.
Press Control-C and run the same command with --help for help.
Press ENTER to build and install netdata to your system >
To complete the netdata process, You need to press ENTER button

Starting Netdata service

To start the Netdata daemon use the given commands.


Web Access of Netdata

To Access the Netdata, We need to open the browser with given url.


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