How to install OpenStack on ubuntu 16.04 LTS

OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, Openstack written in Python and Its support Cross-platform, mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service, whereby virtual servers and other resources are made available to customers. The software platform consists of interrelated components that control diverse, multi-vendor hardware pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. Users either manage it through a web-based dashboard, through command-line tools, or through RESTful web services.

OpenStack began in 2010 as a joint project of Rackspace Hosting and NASA. As of 2012, it is managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit corporate entity established in September 2012 to promote OpenStack software and its community. More than 500 companies have joined the project, To get more information about OpenStack click here to visit official website

In this post, We will install and configure OpenStack on ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 LTS.

Before installation there is some hardware requirement, Details are mentioned below:-

  1. Minimum 4 GB Ram
  2. 2 Core CPU
  3. Internet Access
  4. Port 22 and port 80 should be open.

Install Dependencies and User Creation

Step 1:- To install Openstack on ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04, You need to create a user for openstack packages using root privileges by following the given commands.

sudo -i
apt-get update 
apt-get install git -y
useradd -s /bin/bash -d /opt/stack -m stack

Step 2:- Update the stack user privileges by following the command.

echo “stack ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL” | sudo tee /etc/sudoers.d/stack

Step 3:- Switch the current login root account to stack user account by following the command.

su – stack

Download the DevStack

Step 4:- Its time to download the DevStack by following the commands.

sudo git clone master

Update the owner and Group

Step 5:- You need to change the ower and group by following the commands.

sudo chown -R stack:stack devstack

Update the OpenStack Password

Step 6:- Now you need to add the given parameter and set your openstack admin password by using the given commands.

sudo vim devstack/samples/local.conf

Add the following lines with your updated password.


Save and Exit from nano editor.

Install OpenStack

Step 7:- Now you are ready to executive the final installation of OpenStack it will take 30 to 40 minutes and its depends your internet speed, Use the given commands to install.

sudo sh devstack/

How to install OpenStack on ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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