Installing Node Exporter on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Node-exporter is an open source agent tool that exposes the system metrics, and later on we can configure the node exporter endpoint with Prometheus to make queries and create dashboards as per our requirements. We will have to make automation for node export installation using bash sell script while working in DevOps and SRE environments, […]

Enabling process monitoring with node-exporter

Due to OS version different node-exporter not processing OS process in our scenario, We need to modifythe prometheus-node-exporter service, To do that we need to open the given systemD file using the given prometheus-node-exporter.service Step 1: Get SystemD Path Execute the command to know the systemD path and file name. Step 2: Open SystemD Service […]

Install Grafana on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

  Grafana is a multi-stage open source investigation and intuitive representation programming accessible since 2014. It gives outlines, diagrams, and cautions for the web when associated with upheld information sources. It is expandable through a module framework. In this post, We will install Grafana on ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 | 20.04 Step 1: Update System You […]

Install Telegraf on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

    Introduction   Telegraf is a specialist written in Go for gathering execution measurements from the framework it’s running on and the administrations running on that framework. The gathered measurements are yield to InfluxDB or other upheld information stores. From InfluxDB, you ought to have the option to envision patterns and frameworks execution utilizing apparatuses […]

Install Prometheus on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Prometheus is a free and open source programming environment that permits us to gather measurements from our applications and stores them in an information base, particularly a period arrangement based DB. It is an incredible observing framework reasonable for dynamic conditions. Prometheus is written in Go and use inquiry language for information preparing. Prometheus gives measurements […]

How to Enable NGINX Status Page on ubuntu 18.04/20.04 LTS

In this post, We will enable NGINX Status Page on ubuntu 18.04/20.04 LTS. NginX, is a web worker that can likewise be utilized as a converse intermediary, load balancer, mail intermediary and HTTP store. The product was made by Russian computer programmer Igor Sysoev and openly delivered in 2004.   Step 1: Verify the Nginx […]

Install and configure Apache node exporter with prometheus on ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.4 LTS.

  In this post, We will install and configure Apache node exporter with prometheus on ubuntu.    I believe you have already installed and setup the Prometheus and Grafana if not so then use the given useful link for the same.   Welcome to our post for  the most proficient method to Monitor […]

How to Enable JMX in Tomcat to Monitoring | ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  In this post, We will configure JMX with Apache Tomcat on ubuntu.   Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java innovation that provisions instruments for overseeing and observing applications, framework objects, gadgets, (for example, printers) and administration situated organizations. Those assets are spoken to by objects called MBeans (for Managed Bean). I believe you […]

How to configure and integrate Tomcat with Telegraf on ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  In this post, We will configure and integrate Apache Tomcat monitoring metrics with Telegraf on ubuntu 18.04 LTS I believe you have already installed and configure prometheus ,Telegraf and MongoDB on your machine if not so then go through the given url to setup prometheus with telegraf on your machine.   Apache Tomcat […]

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