Installing Azure CLI on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Introduction Azure CLI (Command-Line Interface) is a command-line tool provided by Microsoft for managing and interacting with Azure resources. It allows developers, administrators, and operators to automate various tasks and perform operations on Azure services and resources from a command-line interface. Step 1: Run System Updates We need to execute the follwing command to update […]

How to create Virtual machine in Azure cloud

Azure Virtual machine is one of the essential elements of distributed computing administrations like Microsoft Azure is the creation, arrangement, and the board of virtual machines. With the correct distributed computing devices, an undertaking can make handfuls, hundreds, even large number of virtual machines freely, and afterward decommission them in a moment when they are […]

How to create resource group in azure cloud

Azure Resource group contains the assets needed to effectively convey a vSRX VM in Azure. It is a compartment that holds related assets for an Azure arrangement. In Azure, you sensibly bunch related assets, for example, stockpiling accounts, virtual organizations, and virtual machines (VMs) to send, oversee, and keep up them as a solitary element.  […]

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