How to install Ant Media Server on ubuntu


Antmedia Server is a product that can stream live and VoD streams. It bolsters versatile, ultra low idleness (0.5 seconds) versatile spilling and records live recordings in a few arrangements like HLS, MP4, and so forth.

In this post, We will install and configure Ant Media server on ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04

Step 1: Update the Ubuntu repository

You need to update the ubuntu repository with root privileges.

apt-get update

Step 2:Download the Antmedia Community version

You need to download the Antmedia from Antmedia Official website, Use the following commands to download Antmedia.

cd /tmp


Step 3: Install Antmedia Server 

You need to download the bash script to install ant media server on ubuntu, Use the following command.


Step 4: Update the Permission

Now you need to update the downloaded bash script permission before execution, Use the following command for that.

chmod 755

Step 5: Execute the Installation Script

In this step, You need to execute the downloaded script by using the given commands.

./ ant-media-server-*.zip true

Step 6: Get Antmedia Service Status

To get Antmedia Service status, You need to use the given commands.

sudo systemctl status antmedia.service

You should get the output like this:-

● antmedia.service - LSB: Starts the ant media service

Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/antmedia; bad; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Thu 2020-03-12 13:37:36 IST; 8min ago
Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8)
Process: 10910 ExecStop=/etc/init.d/antmedia stop (code=exited, status=0/SUCCE
Process: 10921 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/antmedia start (code=exited, status=0/SUC
CGroup: /system.slice/antmedia.service
├─10928 jsvc.exec -home /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64 -user antme
└─10930 jsvc.exec -home /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64 -user antme

Mar 12 13:37:36 aftab systemd[1]: Starting LSB: Starts the ant media service...
Mar 12 13:37:36 aftab antmedia[10921]: Path /usr/local/antmedia
Mar 12 13:37:36 aftab antmedia[10921]: Starting the Ant Media Service...
Mar 12 13:37:36 aftab antmedia[10921]: The Ant Media Service has started.
Mar 12 13:37:36 aftab systemd[1]: Started LSB: Starts the ant media service.

Step 7: Antmedia Server ports

by default there is some port which required to use the antmedia server, You need to allow in your firewall bu using the commands.

sudo ufw allow 1935   (RTMP)
sudo ufw allow 5080 (HTTP)
sudo ufw allow 5443 (HTTPS)
sudo ufw allow 5554 (RTSP)

Step 8: Accessing Web panel

You can access the web panel by using the given url access.


Step 9: User creation

Create a Admin user account in Antmedia Panel, By default you need to create a user on first time accessing the url, Screenshot given below:-


Step 10: Login Antmedia Panel

You need to type your username and password to login screenshot given below:-

Now you should get the Dashboard of Antmedia Server.

Here you can find the more post about streaming server and opensource broadcast application.

2. OBS-Studio


In this post, We go through out the process of of Ant Media server on ubutnu. To get more information about Ant Media Server by visiting the authority Ant Media documentation page.

How to install Ant Media Server on ubuntu

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