How to install Litespeed Web Server on an Ubuntu 18.04


OpenLiteSpeed is a lightweight, high performing open source web server created, copyrighted and kept up by LiteSpeed Technologies. It has a momentous online GUI for organization.

Update Repository

Step 1:- Update the current Ubuntu repository by using the command.

$ sudo apt-get update 

Install Dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install  build-essential -y
$ sudo apt-get install  rcs libpcre3-dev libssl-dev libexpat1-dev libgeoip-dev libudns-dev zlib1g-dev libxml2 libxml2-dev libpng-dev openssl -y

Install OpenLiteSpeed

In this post, We will download the latest binary from given link, Use the .

Use the following command for to download and compile OpenLiteSpeed Server.

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ tar -xzvf openlitespeed-1.6.10.tgz
$ cd openlitespeed/
$ sudo ./

Get the Admin Access 
After script execution you can get the openlitespeed web server username and password by using the commands.

$ sudo cat /usr/local/lsws/adminpasswd

Daemon Controlling
After that you need to start the openlitespeed service by using the command as well as you can control the openlitespeed daemon.



$ sudo systemctl status lsws.service  # To get the status
$ sudo systemctl start lsws.service   # To start the service
$ sudo systemctl stop lsws.service    # To stop the service
$ sudo systemctl enable lsws.service  # On boot enable
$ sudo systemctl enable lsws.service  # On boot Disable


Port Testing 
Now you need to open the browser with given ip address.

$ netstat -plntu

UFW Rules

You need to allow the required port to use OpenLiteSpeed web server, Use the following command to make changes.

$ sudo ufw allow 8088/tcp

$ sudo ufw allow 7080/tcp

$ sudo ufw allow 80

$ sudo ufw allow 443

$ sudo ufw reload

Access the OpenLiteSpeed Admin Panel

Open the browser with given URL http://ip_address:8088 or http://localhost:8088



How to install Litespeed Web Server on an Ubuntu 18.04

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