How to Install SonaType Nexus 3 on Ubuntu 16.04

Sonatype Nexus is extraordinary compared to other store administrators out there. It is some apparatus that you can’t maintain a strategic distance from in your CI/CD pipeline. It adequately oversees deployable ancient rarities.

This post guides you to introduce and arrange Sonatype Nexus 3 of every a safe route on ubutnu machine.

Step 1: Update the System

You need to update the current Ubuntu’s repository with given command.

sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Nexus is running on JAVA So that’s why you need to install first JAVA with given commands.

sudo apt-get install default-jdk -y

Step 3: Download Nexus

After this, You need to download the nexus tarball from the sonatype download link with following the commands, You can get the latest download links for nexus from here.

cd /opt/ && sudo wget

Step 4: Extract the Nexus

sudo tar -xzvf latest-unix.tar.gz

Rename the Nexus directory to nexus by following the command.

sudo  mv /opt/nexus-* /opt/nexus

Step 5: Add Nexus User

As a decent security practice, it isn’t encouraged to run nexus administration with any sudo client. So make another client named nexus.

sudo useradd nexus

Here you need to allow nexus user to password less by editing the sudo file.

sudo visudo

Add the following lines and save end exit from the editor.

nexus   ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL

Step 6: Update the Permission

You need to update the permission with nexus user by following the commands.

sudo chown -R nexus:nexus /opt/nexus

sudo chown -R nexus:nexus /opt/sonatype-work 

Step 7: Add nexus as a service at boot time

Open and add the nexus user in /opt/nexus/bin/nexus.rc configuration file and uncomment the run_as_user parameter as given below.

sudo vim /opt/nexus/bin/nexus.rc


Configure nexus service by using the following commands.

sudo ln -s /opt/nexus/bin/nexus /etc/init.d/nexus

Step 8: Start the Nexus Services

You need to login as nexus user and execute the following commands for start the nexus services.

su - nexus

/etc/init.d/nexus start

Step 9: Verify the Ports

You can use the netstat cli to get Nexus port, Use the following command for that, if you do not able to find the port 8081 so then try after 5 mins to check port 8081 using telnet.

sudo netstat -plntu | grep 8081

 Step 10: Firewall Configuration

You need to add the inbound rules in UFW firewall, Use the following command for that.

sudo ufw allow 8081

Step 11: Access the Nexus Web Panel

You need to the given URL to access the Nexus Web Panel and use the provided credential  to login nexus admin panel.

http://localhost:8081 or http://ip_address:8081

Step 12: Admin Password Setup

You should get the nexus web page to login in dashboard, Now you need to set the admin password by using the given steps, By defaults username is admin and to get password you need to use the following command.

cat /opt/sonatype-work/nexus3/admin.password

Now update the password for admin account.


Step 13: Disable Anonymous User

In next step you will the selection to disable anonymous user, You need to disable the anonymous user to get secure the nexus portal.

after that just click on finish button, Now our setup all done, Let get nexus dashboash.


Step 14: Getting Nexus 

Here we have successfully installed nexus on Ubuntu 16.04, If you have more question and so please comment on the blog to get support.

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How to Install SonaType Nexus 3 on Ubuntu 16.04

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