Deploy and Configure VPC, Subnet, Routing Table, Internet Gateway in AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud is the distributed computing is the on-request accessibility of PC framework assets, particularly information capacity and processing power, without direct dynamic administration by the client. Enormous mists frequently have capacities conveyed over numerous areas, every area being a server farm.

Reference taken from AWS official website

Step 1: Deploy VPC 

1st you need to deploy the VPC using with Class A, Class B, Class C, In this post we are going to use the Class A IP range, Click on Create VPC button as per the screenshot.



Here you need to select the recourse to create VPC onlyTag name any name you want to,  Select IPv4 CIDR, and leave the all the things default and click on Create VPC button.


Specify the required TAG here like this.

After deployment of the VPC, We should get webpage like this. 




Also we can verify the newly created VPC in Your VPCs section like this.



Step 2: Deploy public subnet

Now we are ready to deploy the Public Subnet with, Click on Create Subnet button as showing in the screenshot. 




Select your VPC in order to deploy the subnet. 


You should get webpage like this.


Here you need to specify the Subnet nameAvailability zoneCIDR and Tags like this.



Verify the newly created subnet under Virtual Private Cloud, If everything is configured correctly, You should get your deployed subnet just like this. 


Step 3: Deploy Internet gateway and attach with VPC

Now we are good to deploy the Internet gateway and Attach with VPC and by following the given steps, Under the VIRTUAL PRIVATE CLOUD and select Internet Gateways, Click Create Internet Gateway button.

In this page we need to specify the Name Tag and Tag – Optional and Click on Create Internet Gateway button. 




Now your Internet Gateway deployed successfully but its not connected with Any VPC right now, So we need to attach newly created Internet Gateway with VPC.