Install Telegraf on ubuntu 22.04 LTS





Telegraf is a specialist written in Go for gathering execution measurements from the framework it’s running on and the administrations running on that framework. The gathered measurements are yield to InfluxDB or other upheld information stores. From InfluxDB, you ought to have the option to envision patterns and frameworks execution utilizing apparatuses like Grafana.


In this post, We will install and configure Telegraf on ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


Step 1: Adding Repository

You need to add 1st Influxdata repository, Once the repo is added, the bundle would then be able to be introduced utilizing an able bundle chief. Add the InfluxData repo in the path /etc/apt/sources.list.d/influxdata.list


sudo echo deb bionic stable > sudo tree /etc/apt/sources.list.d/influxdata.list 

Step 2: Adding Key 


Now Import apt key by using the following command.


sudo curl -sL | sudo apt-key add -


Step 3: Updating Repository


Its time to update the ubuntu current repository to get telegraf repo to install using apt, Use the following command. 

sudo apt-get update


Step 4: Installing Telegraf


Use the following command to install telegraf package on ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

sudo apt-get install telegraf -y



Step 5: Getting Telegraf Status


After installation the telegraf package you need to verify the telegraf service is runing state or not, Use the following command for the same.

sudo systemctl status telegraf


You should get the output like this :-


Since you have Telegraf running, you can experience our guide on the most proficient method to Monitor Linux System with Grafana and Telegraf to figure out how to design Telegraf and use it with Grafana.

Install Telegraf on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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