Installation of Node-exporter on Window Machine

Step 1: Download the msi package from given link.

Step 2: Its show you warning to avoid the download and avoid the installation,

Please ignore and select the Keep option.

Step 3: Install the windows_exporter

Note: Again, its show you don’t run the application, but we need to info button to get install button

Step 4: Verify the window_exportor service in Window SERVICE

Find out the serviced named window_exportor its should be running status.

Step 5: Verify the Window machine metric for Prometheus

Open the browser with http://localhost:9183

You should get metric.

Step 6: Open the incoming port 9183 and allow VPC subnets.

NOTE: Also we need to allow 9183 port from window OS if it is enable.


We have successfully delete Kubernetes Namespace, Kindly report in case you are facing defeculties with follwing details.

  • OS name
  • OS version
  • Package name
  • Logs – Error / Warning / failed
Installation of Node-exporter on Window Machine

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