How to stop UFW firewall service in ubuntu


The Unified Firewall (UFW) is a network firewall technology that allows network administrators to control the incoming and outgoing traffic on their networks. UFW can be used to protect networks from malicious attacks, prevent unauthorized access to systems, and protect data from being stolen.

UFW can be installed on a Windows server or on a Linux or Mac server. It can be used to protect a single server or a network of servers. UFW can be configured to allow or block various types of traffic, including traffic from specific applications or ports.

In this post, You will get information about How to stop ufw firewall service in ubuntu linux.

Step 1: Get UFW status

You need to 1st check your ufw service is status by using given command.

sudo systemctl status ufw.service

Step 2: Stop UFW Firewall

You need to execute the following command in order to stop the ufw firewall service.

sudo systemctl stop ufw.service


We have successfully stop ufw firewall service on ubuntu server, Kindly report in case you are facing difficulties with following details.

  • OS name
  • OS version
  • Package name
  • Logs – Error / Warning / failed
How to stop UFW firewall service in ubuntu

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