How to create Virtual machine in Azure cloud

Azure Virtual machine is one of the essential elements of distributed computing administrations like Microsoft Azure is the creation, arrangement, and the board of virtual machines. With the correct distributed computing devices, an undertaking can make handfuls, hundreds, even large number of virtual machines freely, and afterward decommission them in a moment when they are not, at this point valuable. It is a ground-breaking business apparatus that can give your undertaking a serious edge.

In this post, We will deploy the virtual machine in Azure cloud step by step.

Step 1: Login in your azure account and search for the virtual machine, As per the screenshot.


Step 2: Click on Add button to deploy VM in azure, Here you need to select resource group, VM name, Location, Images as per your requirement.

 Step 3: You need to select the VM hardware configuration and you need to configure username and password as well, as showing in the screenshot.


Step 4: On the same form you need to allow the port 22, Do not make changes here, Just leave on same setting, As per the screenshot.


Step 5: Now you get the Disk configuration for the beginner, You can leave on default setting and click on next button.
Step 6: You will this network interfaces setting, here you can select the Vnet and subnet where you want to deploy your vm.
 Step 7: You can go with default setting for the management section as per the screenshot.
Step 8: You can go with default setting for management as per the screenshot.

Step 9: In Advanced option you can setup extension to install some packages but for beginner, You can go with default setting.


Step 10: Here you can assign a tag key pair value to identity. 
 Step 11 : Now click on review and validate button to verify all the selection are correct and click on create button as per the screenshot.

Step 12: After few minutes, You will the notification on your same screen You deployment is complete.

Step 13: Here You can see the all the details of VM like IP address, OS, Networking details and more.




How to create Virtual machine in Azure cloud

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