How to Create an Azure Virtual Network

An Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is a portrayal network in the cloud. It is a coherent seclusion of the Azure cloud committed to your membership. … At the point when you make a VNet, your administrations and VMs inside your VNet can impart straightforwardly and safely with one another in the cloud.


In this post, We will create a vnet with default subnet step by step.


Step 1: You need to login in  your azure account using your credentials and search the vnet in search box as per screen shoot.


Step 2: Now you need to click on Add button to add a new Vnet (Virtual Network) as showing in the screenshot.

 Step 3: Now you will the form to create Vnet, You need to select resource group and then you need to enter the your vent name with region example showing in the screenshot.

Step 4: This is critical step, Here you will get by default created IPv4 address space with class A IP address range for the beginner you can go with default address space for your Vnet and also leave the default the subset as per showing the screenshot.

Step 5: Now this is your network security, You need to go with by default setting, We have separate blog for this.
 Step 6: Here you can assign the tag for your Vnet as showing in screenshot.

Step 7: Now your validation is successful for Vnet, Now just click on Create button to deploy it.

You should get the this deployment like this and after few minutes, You Vnet deployment got success.

Step 8: Very the deployment in notification area, and you get the Vnet deployment status like that, and just click on got to resource button to get Vnet details in details.

Step 9: As can see the your Vnet dashboard and here can create more subnet or other things.

How to Create an Azure Virtual Network

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