Year: 2021

How to deploy apache pod in kuberneties

  One of the huge viewpoint in Cloud Native story is Kubernetes. According to the authority definition at, it is an open source framework for mechanizing organization, scaling, and the executives of containerized application. It is additionally significant according to the viewpoint of Hybrid Cloud because of the way that it is cloud rationalist, […]

Log rotate configuration in tomcat 8 on ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  One of the most intriguing (and maybe one of the most significant too) registries in a Linux framework is/var/log. As per the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, the movement of most administrations running in the framework are kept in touch with a record inside this catalog or one of its subdirectories. Such documents are known as […]

Configuration of open file limit in Apache Tomcat 8 on ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  In Linux, there are limits characterized by the framework for whatever burns-through assets. For instance, there are limits on the number of contentions can be passed to a specific order, the number of strings can run simultaneously, and so forth.   In this post, We will configure or increase the open file limit for […]

VirtualHost configuration in Apache Tomcat on ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Introduction Apache Tomcat is a web worker and servlet compartment that is utilized to serve Java applications. Tomcat is an open source usage of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages advancements, delivered by the Apache Software Foundation. This instructional exercise covers the essential establishment and some design of the most recent arrival of Tomcat 8 […]

How to Setup MySQL Master-Slave Replication on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

MySQL master – slave replication is a technique that permits information base records to be recreated or duplicated across at least one hubs in an organization. This arrangement gives repetition and adaptation to internal failure to such an extent that in case of a disappointment in the Master hub, the data sets can in any […]

How to find the uptime of a Linux server

  Linux order transport with different order line apparatuses to discover worker uptime order. Document/proc/uptime has uptime data, and record/var/run/utmp has data concerning who is at present signed on. Nonetheless, information from/proc/uptime or/var/run/utmp document isn’t straightforwardly comprehensible by people.   In this post, We will find out the uptime of the linux based machine.   […]

How to Uninstall or Remove Software Packages From Ubuntu

  In this post, We will remove or uninstalled packages using command line user-interface.   In my case, I am going to uninstall the apache2 package from ubuntu machine.   Step 1: Get the Packages   You need to check 1st packages is installed or not by using the given command, In my case i […]

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