How to find the uptime of a Linux server


Linux order transport with different order line apparatuses to discover worker uptime order. Document/proc/uptime has uptime data, and record/var/run/utmp has data concerning who is at present signed on. Nonetheless, information from/proc/uptime or/var/run/utmp document isn’t straightforwardly comprehensible by people.


In this post, We will find out the uptime of the linux based machine.


Command 1 


You need to execute the following command to get linux machine’s uptime.




Command 2


Run the w order to show data about the clients right now on the Linux machine, and their cycles. The header shows, in a specific order, the current time, how long the framework has been running, the number of clients are right now signed on, and the framework load midpoints for the beyond 1, 5, and 15 minutes. For instance, type the accompanying w order:




Command 3 


The top order gives a unique continuous perspective on a running framework. It can show framework synopsis data just as a rundown of cycles including framework uptime. Open the terminal and run:




We have successfully find out the uptime on Ubuntu machine, If still you have any question, Please leave a message.


How to find the uptime of a Linux server

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