How to Uninstall or Remove Software Packages From Ubuntu


In this post, We will remove or uninstalled packages using command line user-interface.


In my case, I am going to uninstall the apache2 package from ubuntu machine.


Step 1: Get the Packages


You need to check 1st packages is installed or not by using the given command, In my case i am searching apache2 packages in ubuntu linux.


sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep apache2*


after getting the apache2 packages list, We can uninstall or remove the packages from ubuntu machine.


Step 2: Remove or Uninstall the Packages


Now we can remove the installed apache2 package from from ubuntu machine by execute the following command. 


sudo apt-get remove package_name -y 


If you want to purge all the related files belongs to apache so then you need to use the –purge command to do that.


sudo apt-get --purge remove <package_name> -y


We have successfully uninstalled packages on Ubuntu machine, If still you have any question, Please leave a message.
How to Uninstall or Remove Software Packages From Ubuntu

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