How to Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


VLC is quite possibly the most well known open-source media players. It is cross-stage and can play for all intents and purposes all mixed media documents just as DVDs, Audio CDs, and diverse streaming conventions.

This article portrays how to introduce VLC media player on Ubuntu 20.04. VLC can be introduced as a snap bundle by means of the Snapcraft store or as a deb bundle through.

In this post, We will install VLC Media player on ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Step 1: Update and Upgrade the system
before your VLC installation, You need to update and upgrade the packages by using the given command. 

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y 


Step 2: Install VPC packages  
You just need to install the VLC packages by using apt-get command.

$ sudo apt-get install vlc -y

Step 3: Install Required Packages
Install some required packages for VLC media player by using the given command.

$ sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-access-extra libdvdcss2 libbluray-bdj -y


Step 4: Open the VLC Player
To open the VLC media plater, You just need to execute the given command.

$ vlc


We’ve told you the best way to introduce VLC on your Ubuntu 20.04 work area. You would now be able to investigate your new media player and begin watching transfers recordings or tuning in to your #1 craftsmen.

How to Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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