How to create root user in MongoDB ubuntu 20.04 LTS


By default, MongoDB has no any kind of authentication, We can create a root/admin user to manage MongoDB, Here we have a roles list for different-different purpose.

Here you can get the bulk data insert python3 script for load testing.


In this post, We will create root/admin user in MongoDB on ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Step 1: Login MongoDB Shell


You need to login mongoDB shell and execute the following command one by one.


After this you will get your mongoDB shell like this.


Step 2: Select Admin Database


You need to use/select the MongoDB’s admin database by using the given command.

use admin

After this you should get output like this.


Step 3: Create a Root User


Here we can create a root user to manage MongoDB, We need to specify the username, password and roles, In my case i am using below credentials.


Username – root

Password – password

Role – admin


You need to change the username, password in real scenario.

db.runCommand({"createUser" : "root","pwd" : "password","customData" : {},"roles" : [{"role" : "root","db" : "admin"}]});

You should get output like this.

After successful execution of the query, We need to enable authentication module in MongoDB by using the main configuration file.


Step 4: Enabling Authentication in MongoDB


We need to edit and enable to authentication in MongoDB by following given command.

sudo vim /etc/mongod.conf

After this we need to apply authentication security by following to add lines in MongoDB config files. 


Syntax should be like this.

Save and exit from the text editor.

Step 5: Restart MongoDB


Now we need to restart the MongoDB service to get new changes, for this use the given command.

sudo systemctl restart mongod

Step 6: MongoDB Testing

To test our mongoDB authentication, We need to use the following command to access mongoDB shell, Use the following command for the same.

mongo -u root -p password localhost/admin

You need to replace your credentials with above command.


Standard  user creation in MongoDB.




We have successfully created root user with MongoDB on ubuntu machine, Still you have any issue leave a comment.



How to create root user in MongoDB ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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