How to configure SEO friendly URL in WordPress



In this post, We will configure SEO friendly URL using permalinks with WordPress.


Have you at any point considered what’s the most SEO well disposed permalink structure in WordPress? We’re frequently posed this inquiry by new clients. That is on the grounds that before, the default WordPress URL structure was not SEO well disposed by any means. Anyway that is changed at this point. In this article, we will clarify WordPress SEO well disposed URLs, and how you can modify your WordPress permalinks.


Step 1: Login WordPress Admin Panel 


To make SEO friendly URL with WordPress, You need to login in your WordPress’s admin panel.

Go to your WordPress admin url like https://yourdomain/wp-admin and enter the credentials and then click on login button to login in your WordPress dashboard.


 Like this your WordPress admin dashboard looks like.



Step 2: Configure the Permalinks 


You need to click on Setting button which is in left down side and highlighted with yellow colour and click on permalinks button.

Now you will get the web page like this.

By default it will configured with custom structure and we need to select Post name button to make SEO friendly url in WordPress.  

Select the Post name button now.

and click on Save Changes button to make changes.

Once its completed, You will get the messages like this.


Step 3: Testing 


You need to create a post with your WordPress to check as per out permalink configuration its working or not, Once we published the sample post, We can see that what’s kinds of URL its generating lets do that.

Go to Posts tab and click on add new button 


Lets publish a sample post now.


 Click on Publish Button 


You should get output message like this, Now check on view Post button to get seo friendly url.


Here we can see the our permalinks configuration working fine now.

I hope this post help you in make the SEO friendly url in WordPress, Still have any question or looking for the support, Please leave a message below.


How to configure SEO friendly URL in WordPress

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