How to add www with domain with wordpress website



 In this post, We will add or configure www with our domain with WordPress website.

Internet is short for WWW. The World Wide Web’s specialized idea is: all the Internet apparatuses and clients who utilize the Hypertext Transmission Protocol and the World Wide Web is the continuum of information e that is available to the net. WWW likewise offers information sharing on the Internet between PCs, associating them into an expansive scope of intuitive interactive media administrations.

Step 1: Login your WordPress Admin Panel 


Go to the your wordpress admin url and enter your credentials like username and password like this.



Step 2: Update the WWW


You need to go to setting and click on General button and after that you will get the web page like.


Here we can see that www is not added before our domain, Now we need to add the www. before our domain to open url with www with our domain like this.



We have done the configuration now, Just click on Save changes button.


Once the configuration update, We will auto redirect our domain with www. 



As you can see that its opening with www and the url got changed you will be logout from the WordPress dashboard.

I hope this information help you, In case any query, Please leave a message below.

How to add www with domain with wordpress website

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