How to configure wp mail smtp plugin in wordpress


In this post, We will configure SMTP email server with WordPress to get notification and others email like woocommerce order email etc.

Disliking your WordPress site not sending messages? You’re in good company. North of 2 million sites use WP Mail SMTP to send their messages dependably.

We want to make email deliverability simple and solid. We need to guarantee your messages come to the inbox.

WP Mail SMTP fixes your email deliverability by reconfiguring WordPress to utilize an appropriate SMTP supplier when sending messages.

The best part is that our simple to-utilize Setup Wizard and itemized documentation guide you through the interaction.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an industry standard for sending messages. Appropriate SMTP setup assists increment with messaging deliverability by utilizing confirmation.

Well known email customers like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and Zoho are in a consistent fight with email spammers. Something they take a gander at is in the event that an email is starting from the area it professes to begin from.

In the event that the appropriate verification isn’t there, then, at that point, messages either go in the SPAM envelope or most noticeably terrible, don’t get conveyed by any means.


Step 1: Install WP SMTP Plugin 


You need to click on plugin and click on Add new button and after that you need to search the keyword “WP SMTP” and then you will get 1st online plugin with named WP mail SMTP by WPForms now you need to click on install button to install it.

Once the installation process completed you should be Activate button like this.


Step 2: Configure SMTP

Click on Activate button to get new steps like this.

Step 3: Choose Your SMTP provider


Here you need to click on Let’s Get Started button to configure it.


here you need to choose your SMTP email provider, In my caseif your’s SMTP email provide not listed so then you need to select Other SMTP like this.


 and click save and continue button to get next configuration and then you should ready with your SMTP host, Encryption, SMTP Port, Username and Password.


Step 4: Enter SMTP Details



In my case i am going to use hostinger’s SMTP details because i have email service from hostinger.


Hostinger email account configuration is:

IMAP (Incoming)

POP3 (Incoming)

SMTP (Outgoing)


Port number: 993

Encryption: SSL


Port number: 995

Encryption: SSL


Port number: 465

Encryption: SSL/TLS





Here i am saving my smtp details, and saving username and password as well.




Click Save and Continue button to finish the configuration with hostinger.




On step 3, Its asking about feature to enable so this time we are going to default setting and Save and continue button.




Step 5: SMTP Testing


You need to enter your email id to get test email to your email id to verify it, Its working or not, Lets do that.

If everything configured correctly you should get the test email like this in your email box.

I hope this post help you to configure WP SMTP with WordPress, Still have any question, Please leave a message.


How to configure wp mail smtp plugin in wordpress

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