How to Change Default MariaDB/MySQL Port in Linux


In this post,  We will figure out how to change the default port that MySQL/MariaDB information base ties in CentOS 7 and Debian-based Linux machine. The default port that MySQL data set worker is running under Linux and Unix is 3306/TCP.


We believe, You have already installed and running Mysql/MariaDB Server on ubuntu 20.04 LTS.If not you can click on given link to install MySQL/MariaDB on ubuntu.


Step 1: Open the Default Config file


The default port that the MySQL data set worker runs under Linux is 3306/TCP. Utilize the orders underneath to change the default MySQL/MariaDB Database port in Linux.

sudo vim /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf


port = 3306

Chnage to

port = 3307

Here we have change the port number to 3306 to 3307 under the [mysqld].


Step 2: Restart the Mysql/MariaDB Server


To get new changes in MariaDB/Mysql Server, We need to restart the service, Use the given command for the same.

sudo systemctl restart mysql


Step 3: Verify the Port Number


You need to verify the port number by using the netstat, Execute the given command.

netstat -plntu | grep 3307


Step 4: Login with MariaDB/Mysql Shell 


We are ready to use the new port number with MariaDB/Mysql by using the given command.

mysql -h localhost -P 3307 -u root -p




We have successfully change the default port number with MariaDB server on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

How to Change Default MariaDB/MySQL Port in Linux

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