How to Create Database in Mysql/MariaDB on Linux


Creating Database in Mysql/MariaDB server, We need to login Mysql/MariaDB Shell with right credentials after that we need to execute the following command for the same.

In this post, We will create Database in Mysql/MariaDB on Linux.  


Step 1: Login Mysql/MariaDB Shell


You need to use the following command to login in Mysql/MariaDB shell.

mysql -u username -p


Step 2: Create Database


To create database in Mysql/MariaDB, Execute the following command.


Step 3: Verify the Created Database


You can verify the created Database in Mysql/MariaDB by using the given command.



We have successfully created Database  with MariaDB server on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

How to Create Database in Mysql/MariaDB on Linux

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