How to Set or Change the Time Zone in ubuntu linux


A time region is a geographic locale that has a similar standard time. Ordinarily the time region is set during the establishment of the functional framework, yet it tends to be effectively changed sometime in the not too distant future.

Utilizing the right time region is fundamental for some, frameworks related undertakings and cycles. For instance, the cron daemon utilizes the framework’s time region for executing cron occupations. The time region is likewise utilized for logs timestamps.


In this post, We will set or change the timezone in ubuntu machine 20.4 LTS 


Step 1: Get the Current Time Zone


1st you need to get the current timezone of your linux machine, timedatectl is the command to get the timezone details.



Step 2: Get the Time Zone List


You need to execute the following command to get the timezone list and after that it will help us to set or change the current timezone on ubuntu linux.

timedatectl list-timezones

Step 3: Set Timezone  


To update or change the curren timezome, You need to execute the following, Make sure your need to replace the string  <type_your_time_zone_here> with your timezone as showed in the timezone list.

sudo timedatectl set-timezone <type_your_time_zone_here>

Step 4: Verify the TimeZone


You need to simpley execute the given to get current timezon in your machine.




How to Set or Change the Time Zone in ubuntu linux

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