Month: September 2021

How to Uninstall or Remove Software Packages From Ubuntu

  In this post, We will remove or uninstalled packages using command line user-interface.   In my case, I am going to uninstall the apache2 package from ubuntu machine.   Step 1: Get the Packages   You need to check 1st packages is installed or not by using the given command, In my case i […]

How to Install PuTTy on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  Putty is a free and open-source cross-stage SSH and telnet customer that even subsequent to being around for more than 20 years stays quite possibly the most mainstream SSH customers being utilized particularly on the Windows stage.  In this post, We will install Putty on ubuntu 18.04 LTS    Step 1: Add the required […]

Rsync Command in Linux with example

  Rsync (Remote Sync) is the most normally utilized order for duplicating and synchronizing records and indexes distantly just as locally in Linux/Unix frameworks. A few Advantages and Features of Rsync Command   It effectively duplicates and adjust records to or from a distant framework.  Supports duplicating joins, gadgets, proprietors, gatherings, and authorizations. It’s quicker […]

How to Set or Change the Time Zone in ubuntu linux

  A time region is a geographic locale that has a similar standard time. Ordinarily the time region is set during the establishment of the functional framework, yet it tends to be effectively changed sometime in the not too distant future. Utilizing the right time region is fundamental for some, frameworks related undertakings and cycles. […]

Jenkins Configure Master and Slave Nodes ubuntu linux

  A Jenkins ace accompanies the essential establishment of Jenkins, and in this arrangement, the expert handles every one of the errands for your fabricate framework.   In case you are chipping away at various tasks, you might run different positions on each venture. A few undertakings need to run on certain hubs, and in […]

How to Create Self Signed Certificates on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  To generate self-signed SSL/TLS certificate on Ubuntu to use with Nginx or Apache web workers locally. A self-signed SSL testament is an authentication endorsed by the maker as opposed to a believed outsider declaration authority (CA). Self-signed crt can have a similar degree of encryption as the believed CA marked SSL authentications.   In […]

How to Install ReactJS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    Created by Facebook in 2011, React (likewise alluded to as ReactJS) is a Javascript library utilized for making quick and intelligent UIs. At the hour of composing, it’s the most mainstream Javascript library for creating UIs. Respond destroys its partners – Angular and Vue JS as far as usefulness and prominence. Its ubiquity […]

How to get Minikube IP Address on ubuntu linux

  To get the IP address of your minikube, type the minikube ip order in the order window. Then, at that point, type the accompanying URL (utilizing the minikube IP address) in your program to get to the REST Manager API, with the port dependent on the service being used: Default LoadBalancer service http://<minikube ip>:8090 […]

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