Reboot ubuntu linux from command line


Linux has so many utilities that perform the restart process with the linux based OS, User must have root privileges to performance this action. 

In this post, We will show you how to reboot the ubuntu linux machine using command line user interface.

You can use the given command to reboot the ubuntu linux machine.


Command 1 


You can use the sudo command to reboot your machine on the spot, Use the following command for the same.

sudo reboot

Command 2


If you want to reboot your machine within 5 mins, So then you can use the following command as a root user on your terminal.

shutdown -r +5


Command 3


Another command to reboot your machine as a root user, Execute the following command.

/sbin/shutdown -r now 



Reboot remote linux based OS

Command 1 


We can also reboot the remote machine with given command, It will take remote access of the target machine and execute the /sbin/reboot command.

ssh root@remote-server-com /sbin/reboot

Command 2 


Here we have another command to reboot the remote machine using ssh protocol.

ssh root@remote-server-com /sbin/shutdown -r now



Here we have successfully reboot the ubuntu machine, Still you have any problem, Please leave a message below:- 

Reboot ubuntu linux from command line

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